The fifth of ICONSR organization was held in Budva/Montenegro between 7-9 September 2022. ICONSR organizations aim to provide and encourage interdisciplinary interaction by bringing together scientists from all disciplines of social sciences. We try to provide a discussion and meeting environment for those working in the field of social sciences to share their research findings and thoughts, and to evaluate the latest developments in social sciences. This year, 54 papers from different 17 countries presented by scientists in ICONSR organizations. The total rate of countries excluding Türkiye is 55%. Türkiye is the country with the highest participation with 45%, followed by Albania 7.5%, Azerbaijan 7.5%, Hungary 7.5%, North Makedonia 5.5%, Indonesia 5.5%, Montenegro 5.5%, Slovakia 2%, Algeria 2%, Austria 2%, Crotia 2%, Italy 2%, Kazakhistan 2%, Kosovo 2%, Poland 2%, Portugal 2% and Tunusia 2%. As ICONSR organizations, we will continue to organize organizations with the value you deserve in order to exchange ideas against the greatest threat facing humanity, to inspire each other and to contribute to science. See you at your future events.
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Dear participants, due to the covid 19 pandemic, the customs rules of the countries are changing day by day and accordingly the conference program changes from time to time. For this reason, please check the latest updated version of the program on our website.
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